Keep your bedroom fresh and sleep better

For obvious reasons, the heat is very uncomfortable at bedtime and is a great impediment

that keeps us from resting fully.

Definitely a poorly ventilated space attracts more than heat. It is also a cause of diseases,

respiratory problems and problems to achieve sleep that can have serious consequences

on health.

A well-ventilated room provides hygiene, provides oxygen and removes bad odors and

humidity. Very important and necessary factors that help us to reach full sleep. Having a

good air conditioning system that provides clean and cold air in your room is essential for

your health and your sleeping habits.

If you already have a good air conditioning system that provides you with air in your room,

put into practice these tips and get the most out of it to sleep better.

-Choose an adequate temperature. Even if you are very hot, putting too cold air could also

have negative effects on your health.

-Be sure to clean your equipment to avoid the proliferation of germs that threaten your


-Install blinds or curtains that block the entrance of the sun to the room and promote heat.

-Avoid igniting the air in very low temperatures to “cool down faster”; this practice can harm your equipment.

-Swap your sheets to fresh up the room. Not everything is about your air condition

equipment. Clean sheets are essential to sleep comfortably and fresh.

Which other valuables tips do you have to keep your bedroom fresh?


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