Why should you perform maintenance on your A/C system during summer?

We have always mentioned you because it is necessary to carry out frequent maintenance of your air conditioning equipment. -Avoid that small flaws get bigger. -Extend the useful life of your equipment. -It helps you save money that you could otherwise spend on a new air or on repairing major flaws. -It helps you to […]

Keep your bedroom fresh and sleep better

For obvious reasons, the heat is very uncomfortable at bedtime and is a great impediment that keeps us from resting fully. Definitely a poorly ventilated space attracts more than heat. It is also a cause of diseases, respiratory problems and problems to achieve sleep that can have serious consequences on health. A well-ventilated room provides […]

7 Tips to have an Ecological Home

If taking care of our environment is something essential for you and ecology is among your top priorities you should start to put your two cents on this cause starting from your home. If on the other hand you do not consider yourself very interested in ecology but you know about its importance and also want […]

The future of Air Conditioners is here

With advances in technology, our appliances are improving and making everything much more manageable. Many years ago an Air Conditioner system was a big innovation, but now that this equipment is common in our lives,  innovations are focused on making it easier for us to use these systems and also to make them friendlier to […]