A smart guide to survive to the hottest months.

Summer is coming and you are beginning to feel its warmth already? In certain areas and depending on each person, the heat can be really annoying and dangerous at times.

For yourwellness during summer, we will give you in this little guide many useful tips to fight the heat with success in these hot months.

1. Keep your air conditioning system working perfectly. This is essential to be able to combat the heat. To ensure that your air conditioner does not fail you right during a hot month, always keep up with the necessary revisions, cleanings and cares.
Remember that despite the high temperatures you should not abuse and lower the thermostat of your air conditioner to levels that could consume more energy and affect the operation of your equipment.

2. Keep the heat of the sun rays away from your home and keep the blinds down and the windows closed. Opaque windows are ideal for blocking the heat produced by the sun.

3. Keep electronic devices disconnected during the hottest hours, since these are also a source of heat inside the home.

4. Drink water or natural juices that help you stay hydrated. Avoid suffering from dehydration by drinking liquids before and after feeling thirsty.

5. The foods you eat also have an influence! Eat fresh and light dishes like salads or sandwiches and avoid those foods that are too hot or that make you feel heavy after eating.

6. Avoid humidity at home. During the hottest hours it is advisable not to wash, cook or perform other activities that can produce humidity in the environment.

This summer should be awesome, so make it cooler with Comfactor!

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