Avoid these 4 threats by performing maintenance to your A/C system

Like any other equipment, an air conditioning system requires periodic and professional maintenance, which not only prevents the equipment from being damaged, but also influences many other important aspects, such as your health, hygiene, damages beyond the AC, and money issues.


  • Health: when the air conditioning equipment is not checked and cleaned constantly, it accumulates dirt, germs, bacteria and dust, which is spread through the air and can cause illnesses and allergies when breathing.
  • Hygiene: the accumulation of dirt by not maintaining and checking the air constantly, can cause humidity, the growth of mold and odors in the place where the equipment is located. This will harm the good hygiene of your home, work or business, also affecting your health.
  • Damages beyond the air conditioner: the humidity that your air conditioning can cause when not working correctly, starts to damage the walls of your place. This will cause you expenses beyond your air conditioning.
  • Money: you might believe that reserving calls to the technician only for when your equipment has faults will help you save important money.


However, this is a false belief. The truth is that maintaining a periodic check will ensure that your air conditioner does not suffer serious failures that could mean a lot of money.

In another hand to keep your air in good condition and prevent damage will lengthen its useful life, so you will not have to buy a new equipment in a long period of time.

Now that you know all the threats you could avoid by just performing regular maintenance to your equipment, schedule your revisions with our professional team of full time technicians!

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