Easy tips to take care of your Air Conditioner?

There are many things to maintain an air conditioner in good conditions, but today we wanted to share with you some basic and useful tips  to clean and maintain your AC working well.

Before that, we must tell you that air conditioner problems such as refrigeration or condenser issues should be only treated by professional technicians. Nevertheless, there are some treatments that can help you on keeping your Central Air conditioner clean, prolong its efficiency and avoid frequent failures.

Here we share with you some of our tips to clean your Central Air Conditioner by yourself at home in case that so far you want to do it by yourself.

  1. Keep the condenser free from any weed or bushes that block or restrict the airflow through the unit. It is recommended to remove bushes placed around the condenser. To do this step make sure to shut off all power to the unit, then you can proceed to clean the condenser unit.
  2. Check the outdoor condenser unit to make sure exposed that there is no dust, cobwebs or any solid element that could affect its performance. Try to protect it so that it does not directly fall direct sunlight or rain.
  3. Clean or replace filters. Keep the fresh air and avoid the bacteria that cause allergies, by cleaning the filters of your air weekly . Twice a year it is recommendable to replace the disposable filters.
  4. Don’t forget to clean the blower’s fan blades. Keep your air conditioner operating without producing any failure or noise cleaning the fan blowers with a rag wipe to retire any debris located on the base of the equipment. This will avoid failures and noises.

If you prefer to call a professional count on us for an AC Repair & Maintenance. Our technicians are well known for their wonderful services at best prices.

With us, you can also can receive discounts on time to time repairs if you ensure regular tune up for your AC units; thus it is good to run time to time repair and maintenance services.

Call us today and let’s schedule your AC Repair & Maintenance:  (954) 292-9114

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