Fight the humidity at home.

Humidity levels play an important part in home comfort and HVAC performance in both the cold and warm weather. There are some common issues related to humidity levels that might be affecting you,

To help you, we give you some solutions to keep a perfect environment at your home, no matter which season it is. But first, you must identify the signs that indicate an excess of moisture in the air of your home.

  1. The air feels moist.
  2. The windows are foggy.
  3. It smells of damp.

If you can note any of these signs at your home, there’s a raised humidity level affecting your wellness and the efficiency of your air conditioner as well.

These signs can bring some problems to the people living at home, such as dry skin, dry nasal passages, irritated eyes and aggravated sinuses. The excess of moisture can also damage the flooring and furniture of the house.

Now it is time to take action! To manage the humidity levels of your home will bring you more comfort and energy efficiency.

So what’s the best way to manage the moisture level at your home?

To fight the humidity we recommend you to install a dehumidifier directly on your HVAC system to manage the moisture of your home or acquire a stand-alone dehumidifier. Apart from this, there is also essentials to keep your HVAC system clean and working in optimal conditions.

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