Fresh Air. No allegies!

Have you ever felt that your allergies get out of control because of the air conditioner or did

someone ever tell you that this was the reason for your allergies?

So, are really air conditioners an allergy cause? The answer is no, air conditioning is not a cause of allergies. Actually an air conditioning system is designed to provide wellness and a pleasant temperature that can relieve and keeps allergies away.

However, there is one way in which your air conditioning could affect your respiratory system and cause allergies. But don’t worry, this can only happen when if the equipment does not work properly or has certain faults.

An A/C system can only be an enemy for your allergies and health, if the equipment is not well maintained. So, if you’re likely to have allergies and respiratory issues, you should pay special attention to the maintenance and care of your A/C equipment.

To avoid having your air conditioner cause problems to your respiratory system, we recommend you:

  • Change or clean the filters of your air conditioner to prevent the accumulation of dirt.
  • Keep Air Ducts Clean: Clean the duct of your air conditioner and verify that it works in
  • perfect conditions. Its conditioned air can accumulate pollutants and cause the growth of mold if it is not kept clean and in perfect condition, which leads to allergies.

Call the professionals to perform periodically maintenance and provide you with the best options to keep your air free from bacteria and dirt that cause allergies

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