What aspects should I take into account to choose the correct air conditioner system?

Choosing an air conditioner may seem like a simple task, however there are several aspects that you should take into account so that your choice is the most appropriate and you can enjoy this acquisition for a very long time.

There are many and different air conditioner systems available to condition your home:

-Central Air Conditioner: a single type of cooling system that is used to cool complete homes.

-Window Air Conditioner: this type of air conditioner can only cool an specific area of your home and it’s name comes from the fact that it is placed on a window.

-Portable Air Conditioners: this consist on a mobile self-contained air conditioning unit that as a mobile system is placed on the floor and can be moved from an space to another easily.

-Split Air conditioner: also called “mini split” or ductless, is frequently used to cool big multi-unit buildings. Most of the Split systems can also perform heating functions.

-Multi Split Air Conditioning: just like the Split or ductless Air conditioning system, this type allows you to cool multi-unit buildings, but in this case with the option to control the temperature of each of the rooms.

So how to know which of these Air Conditioning systems is the most convenient to install in your home to perform an effective cooling? Here are some aspects to consider when buying an air conditioner for your home that will help you take the best decision.
Because the heat at home is definitely not an option, let’s value and make the right purchase!

1. Take in count the space you have available to place the air conditioner. If the space is compact a. Split system may be the right choice.
2. Your budget. How much money do you count with? In case you don’t count with a big budget your decision must be taken based in the most economic but efficient option available.
3. How many rooms of your home would you like to condition? In case you don’t want to condition all the areas of your home you must pick an option that allows to choose the places.
4. Are you moving soon? Consider if there is a good option for you to buy an air conditioner you could take with you into a new home.
Is there other aspect that you consider important when picking the air conditioning system for your home?

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